A dream that has become a reality! What you will find when you step into Ringside Boxing Ballito is a friendly, welcoming environment where community is key and this is driven by owner Tyron Koen

Four years after casually sharing the dream of one day opening a boxing gym during their regular 5am training sessions, the dream is now a reality. We look forward to sharing your goals, fears, challenges and achievements while making a difference to you both physically and mentally.
At Ringside Boxing the only guarantee you get is a great time and a great work-out. We know that boxing can be very intimidating, especially if you have never done it before and if of the fairer sex, but we will make your boxing experience unique. You will be surrounded by the most motivated group of people, people who all share a common goal – to get in the greatest physical and mental shape of their lives, all this while having the greatest time of their life.

Members at Ringside Boxing will come in all ages, genders, shapes, sizes and skill levels. Folks are everyday types that want a challenge that goes beyond the monotony of lifting weights or hitting the treadmill. What is very interesting is that more and more woman are lacing up gloves to reap the benefits of this all-encompassing workout which improves confidence and self-esteem as well as the benefit of self-defence. Regardless of your age, ability or experience we will teach you how to box while you burn calories by the bucket load.

At Ringside Boxing you will find that “Old school boxing” and “New school training” (functional style training) collide and you will experience the ultimate full-body workout. You will leave us with a spring in your step and a huge smile on your face ready for the next session. You will see that with us you will punch way above your weight and get more for your rand!

Come down and join us at Ringside Boxing, come and let boxing define you rather than shape you. Your first lesson is complimentary and after that you will be “hooked”.